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Our mission is to stimulate the creation, prosperity, and economic welfare of diverse small businesses creating sustainable, living-wage jobs within their communities, through access to capital and mentorship.

kiva loan program

Prairie Rose Development facilitates Kiva loans statewide in Colorado.

Kiva is an international microfinance platform that allows small businesses in the United State to access 0% / no-fee crowd-funded loans in the range of $1,000 to $15,000.

The Kiva program allows otherwise financially excluded individuals, primarily women and minorities, to access affordable capital to assist start or grow a small business. 

No credit checks are performed and no collateral is required for Kiva loans. 

There are more than two million individuals, teams and corporations active on the Kiva platform who may potentially be interested in making a loan as little as $25 to an impactful local small business

For more information and/or to submit a Kiva loan request visit

Support Services

Please contact Prairie Rose Development if you have any questions about the Kiva process. 

Once an entrepreneur starts a loan application on the website, we will be notified and reach out to help finalize their application.

Resource Referrals

Colorado offers many local resources to help entrepreneurs start and grow a successful small businesses. 

One of our roles is to ensure that each applicant is fully aware of ALL those available resources.

Technical Assistance

All the services we provide are free and confidential.

MSU Denver Loan Program

Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver) has teamed up with Alpine Bank to provide character-based loans between $5,000 and $50,000 to new or existing small businesses at least 50% owned by a  MSU Denver affiliated individual.

An MSU Denver affiliated individual is defined as:

  • Students enrolled at MSU Denver with a good academic standing. (Must have earned at least 90 credit hours with at least 30 credit hours earned at MSU Denver);
  • Individuals who received Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master’s degree, or an Entrepreneurship Certificate from MSU Denver or who completed MSU Denver’s Launch Denver program; or
  • Faculty or Staff employed by MSU Denver for a minimum of one year.

For additional information, please contact Adam Melnick, J.D., MEM, ACUE, Lecturer of Entrepreneurship, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Management Department Administration Building #530R:

Tel: 303.605.7208 

Email: [email protected]

Use of Requested Funds

Funds can be used for startup or growth Loans will have a repayment term of 7 years with an interest rate of 8%. Loans will have a 1% origination fee.

Application Process

The application process is a two part process. The loan will be provided through Alpine Bank so please complete Alpine Bank’s Financial Statement form together with the MSU Denver application form.

Application Submission

When you have completed both the Financial Statement form and the MSU Denver Application form and collected all requested additional documents, and everything is now ready to be submitted to Prairie Rose Development for review and consideration, please email

[email protected]

who will share a Dropbox folder by return for you to securely upload all files.


Prairie Rose Development is building out a mentorship platform to BOTH assist aspiring and existing entrepreneurs be more successful within their communities AND provide a forum for local subject matter experts to volunteer their time to help rebuild community-centric small businesses and develop a strong entrepreneurial eco system.

For more information or to submit a request call (719) 751-3470 or email [email protected]

Peer counseling and mentoring

In addition to mentoring by local subject matter experts, we are creating a network of small business owners to share and learn best practices. 

Education and awareness

On-going education to share both best practices and keep small business owners apprised of existing and imminent rules and regulations impacting, is a critical component of the work we do at Prairie Rose Development.

"I came to Kiva for the opportunity they offer. I became a FAN of Kiva for the community I never realized I had before. They put the growth of the entrepreneurial community in the hands of community itself. Kiva has provided my business with a pivotal operating tool, financial tool and a humbled empowerment I will forever be grateful for!"
- Brenna D. (Berthoud) -