Our mission is to stimulate the creation, prosperity, and economic welfare of diverse small businesses creating sustainable, living-wage jobs within their communities.

New small businesses create ALL the net new jobs in the US each year. Underserved and under-estimated  populations of small business owners have huge challenges securing affordable and flexible funding to start their businesses. What limited funding available, evaporates during and after a recession, which is when it is most needed to help businesses create meaningful, sustainable living wage jobs.

To help launch and grow new small businesses in Colorado, we facilitate 0% and no-fee Kiva loans up to $15,000 statewide to better democratize access to capital for populations who don’t have the collateral or credit scores necessary to secure financing from most nonprofit lenders or banks. 

In 2022, we will be rolling out a new character-based lending program offering affordable small business loans from $15,000 to $150,000 combined with mentorship support to allow entrepreneurs to grow as they develop the financial readiness skills necessary to secure traditional debt and/or equity in the future.

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Prairie Rose Development gratefully acknowledges the support of the Kenneth King Foundation and Wells Fargo Bank N.A., for supporting Kiva Denver and Kiva Colorado Springs respectively.

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